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"Hooray For Me digs deeper and plucks the best bones of old Sub Pop and Touch & Go bands to create a perfect monster."
- Impose Magazine

"['Never Make It'] was and continues to be one of the best songs VICE has had the pleasure of premiering [...] There are too many bands in the world, most of them terrible, but all the shit makes the rare great band even more exceptional—Vomitface is one of those gems."

"Enter Vomitface, a band with a portmanteau filthy enough to make Mudhoney cower...this erratic bunch have some colorful ideas."
- NME Magazine

"Edgy, unloved and blatantly feral it arrives suffocated in a thick throat throttling grind that impacts like tiny seismic eruptions all curdled in a killer sluggish big bearded stoner growl that veers from moments of tranquil prowling calm to fractured vents of wiring psychosis."
- God is in the TV

"They combine sludgy grunge riffs with spazzy art-punk rhythms and wild whispers and howls...'Sloppy Joes,' the EP�s flailing leadoff track, will bludgeon you."
- Stereogum

"Nobody does it this good anymore...We can't stop listening to this"
- Aquarius Records

"Distorting from black-surf to punk to grunge, with that slight echo of the early alternative days, �Sloppy Joes� is exciting, it sounds dangerous and sexy � something which has been missing from alternative/indie music for a long time...They have their own unique style, one that differs from anything going on the music industry right now."
- Vulture Hound

"Proper sludge stoner metal with a Mudhoney vs. Nirvana vocal at the helm, and a Josh Homme-esque bumblebee guitar solo at the end? This is a dream of mine! Absolutely fucking sick (no pun intended)."
- James Balmont (Three Beams, NME)

"[T]hey may very well be the band people will remember for 'bringing grunge back"
- The Other Side Reviews

"A force to be reckoned with."
- The Deli Magazine

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